Our goal is to provide you with high quality band supplies and used instruments at the best possible prices.

We offer high quality clarinet pads, flute pads, saxophone pads, piccolo pads, oboe pads, and pads for all other woodwinds. We can fit pads to nearly any instrument ever made. If you do not see your brand of instrument mentioned please send me an email with the brand of clarinet pad, flute pad, saxophone pad, piccolo pad, oboe pad, etc. that you need. We can usually fit any instrument.

Our used band instruments have been reconditioned and tested by our technicians. We also buy used band instruments of all kinds.

Although our primary focus is woodwind pads, we offer used, reconditioned, instruments at considerable savings. Instruments from Buffet, Selmer, Conn, Yamaha, and others. We have instruments ranging from inexpensive student models to professional models. Clarinets are available in both wood and composition models.

We try to keep a stock of Buffet clarinets including: Buffet E11 models, Buffet Evette wood (these are older models very much like E-11's), Buffet Evette composition clarinets.

You may save hundreds of dollars on your student's band instrument by shopping our pages. These used instruments are often superior to the new ones available today. Send us an email with your questions. If you don't see the instrument you are looking for or the exact pads or woodwind supplies listed, please email your request.

We have also added web pages to describe how to install our products. We have pages giving you instructions on how to measure clarinet pads, measure flute pads, measure sax pads, and measure piccolo pads. There are also instruction pages with details on how to install pads and woodwind joint corks. If you have further questions about installation of any of our woodwind products, please email your questions.

There are also pages instructing how to care for your clarinet. As well as instructions on how to properly assemble the sections of your clarinet. We hope these pages will be helpful to young musicians and help them to avoid damaging their instruments.

We want your business and will work with you to ensure that you are satified with all of your purchases. If you are repairing many instruments, please inquire about our special discounts on volume orders. We will prepare special quotes for all volume orders.

Most orders will ship within 48 hours. In the event that we do not have the exact products in stock to fill your order, we will schedule a factory order. We represent products from U.S. pad factories.

Note: In rare cases we offer an item as "as is". We suggest you only consider these if you have the expertise to make repairs.



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